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Outdated software and poorly configured systems present hackers with an opportunity to compromise your systems, gain access to sensitive information, and also launch Ransomware attacks. 

IT professionals require software tools to effectively manage computer systems.

For example, IT professionals rely on an Anti-Virus to mitigate the risk of virus attacks. The Anti-Virus is the “tool” that the IT team will use to manage and protect the systems effectively.

In the same way, vulnerability scanning software helps to identify software and configuration vulnerabilities. The system uses a series of standards to confirm that all assets are running the latest software patches and that best practice configuration is applied. When the system identifies a vulnerability, it will identify the exact problem and the remediation suggestions for the vulnerability.

The system will consolidate this information to a vulnerability management dashboard to give you an overview of your IT landscape and the vulnerabilities across the board.


What type of assets and systems can be scanned for vulnerabilities?

  • Computers and Laptops
  • Servers – Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC
  • PBX systems and phones
  • Microsoft systems such as
  • Exchange, SQL and Group Policy standards
  • Printers and NAS devices
  • Firewalls, Switches and Routers
  • Wireless access points and CCTV cameras
  • Any many other network peripherals


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  • Minimum assets to license – 65.

  • Identify software vulnerabilities on computers and most network devices.

  • We provide a dashboard view of critical, high, medium, and low vulnerabilities respectively.

  • We provide consultation and support to remediate the vulnerability and minimize the risk.

  • Provide an Executive summary of vulnerabilities and aging history.

  • Providing software patching and suggestion configuration changes to improve infrastructure security.




Leftclick can empower your in-house IT department with the right vulnerability scanning solution. Our tools can run as a virtual appliance on a physical server and you can connect from anywhere to manage the product.


We can also provide basic or advance training to utilize the software correctly and assist with building a few standard reports and configuring your first few scans.


Please refer to the below annual subscription fees:




  • Pricing may fluctuate based on the rand/dollar exchange rate, scale of infrastructure and other dependencies.
  • The minimum number of assets that can be licensed is 65.
  • The subscription term is 12 months.

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