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Domain Services Overview

The Internet is a constantly changing landscape of millions and millions of Web sites. A unique domain name is your first point of entry into this world; it is your first step to gaining your Internet identity.

Leftclick offers an efficient and speedy registration service for an extensive array of global domain names. Add to this the affordability of the registration process,Leftclick is set to become the pre-eminent and largest domain registrars in Southern Africa.

At Leftclick, we’re excited about the opportunity to register that unique name for you!

Why do you need one right now?

  • To avoid costs of address changes later on.
  • To avoid somebody else from registering the name you want.
  • To maximise the chances of a successful internet presence.
  • Eventually, all the names will be all taken up! Don’t be left behind — the faster you act, the better your chances for getting the domain name you want. Once a domain name is taken, you would have to track down the owner to see if they are willing to sell it.


Maintaining a smooth functioning and efficient IT environment has been crucial to the success of our business at Dogon Group Properties. Our success can be attributed largely to the close relationship we have with our IT service providers at Leftclick. Friendly staff, a quick response time and a strong service orientated approach are but a few characteristics of working with Leftclick.

- Dogon Group

They provide us with two full-time onsite IT resources at each branch & we have found the resource to be well managed, extremely knowledgeable and have been able to rely on them seven days a week, 24 hours a day

- M&C Saatchi Abel

Leftclick is commitment has been key to our ability to grow with our clients as an advertising agency and in turn service these clients needs successfully. We have seen our IT processes streamlined and are constantly moving forward, improving on our systems as we grow.

- Salient


During the provision of the service we had friendly and efficient resolution to all queries and immediate response on problems and concerns with an appreciated attitude of good moral and business standing.

- Premier Foods


Ever since our company partnered with Leftclick we are always 1 ahead of the ever-changing IT world. They provide a reliable service with competent staff and ensure that we have zero downtime. No challenge too big or too small!

- Galvatech

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