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Microsoft Outlook is the default emailing system used by majority of businesses & homes around the world. In early 2018, Outlook.com had reported that they had a total of over 400 million active users on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean it is the easiest to work with. If you like me have been a little frustrated on Outlook lately, especially when it comes to finding an email from some stone ages ago, then you need to try these easy mailbox hacks, it will make your life easier :

1. Organising Your Microsoft Outlook Inbox

If your inbox is cluttered and full of messages, there is a great chance that you’ll miss an important email. As a business owner or employee, missing an email could be disastrous and mean a potential loss of business. One simple way to decrease the chances of the above taking place is to organise your email inbox with “folders” and further assigning a “Rules” to them.

• How to create a rule on Microsoft Outlook

1. Right-click any email and select Rules > Create Rule.
2. Select a condition, and what to do with the message based on the condition.
3. When you’re done creating the rule, select OK. The message now appears in that folder.

Source: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/video-how-to-set-up-rules-in-outlook-75ab719a-2ce8-49a7-a214-6d62b67cbd4

2. Use keyboard shortcuts

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that can make you navigate faster in Microsoft Outlook!
• New Message – CTRL + N
• Send – Alt + S
• Send and Receive – Alt + S, S
• Reply – CTRL+R
• Spellcheck – F7
• Close – Escape

3. All Folder/Mailbox Search

Have you ever tried searching for an email and could never find it the first time?
Try clicking on “All Outlook Items” in the “Scope” group on the Search Tools ribbon. This will expand your search to include all folders including your calendar, contacts, and tasks and Mailboxes.

If you want to go beyond the basic mailbox search, click the Search box magnifying glass icon in Outlook:

This will open up a Search Tools toolbar with a number of options. Let’s say you want to look at all mail from a particular person, even if it’s filed away outside of your Inbox or selected mail folder.

Click All Mail Items and then From: and type the Sender Name:

4. Remote Access

Also note that most email systems also provide a webmail front end, enabling you to access your email from any web browser or device, anywhere in the world.

Although it is highly advisable to contact your IT department first before trying to access your work email from home as many large companies prohibit accessing work email outside the office for security reasons.

5. Supercharge your Email System

If you want to “Supercharge” your business email system, be sure to have a closer look at Mimecast. Not only will it provide you with 100% email redundancy, but also valuable tools like virus and threat protection, email archive, auto signatures, email flow control but to name a few, thus giving you the ultimate email ecosystem.

If you are interested in acquiring Mimecast emailing system for your business, feel free to contact us telephonically or via e-mail, and one of our highly experienced technician’s will assist.Are you still finding Outlook impossible to use? Not to worry, there is a way out. Simply pop us an email [info@leftclick.co.za] and we will be glad to help.