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speedtest2With so many Internet providers available in a saturated market it is difficult to stand out above the rest. Some clients are even further confused with all the noise from Fibre offers currently in the market and understanding what is best for your business is not always a simple task.

Fastest Internet Considerations

Having the fastest internet in town is achievable and easy if you know what to look for.


Ultimately, there are 3 primary factors when it comes to considering a connectivity solution for a SME – Is it fast? Is it reliable? Is it cost effective?

Our answer to all the above is YES!

Over the past few months, Leftclick have recorded between 80Mbps and 90Mbps download speeds on a number of sites. These recent speed upgrades had no additional financial implications for our clients and in most cases we even reduced the bandwidth cost.

The featured picture in this article is a speedtest result from one of our clients in Cape Town CBD.

While contention ratios play a vital role in terms of your internet speed, it is equally important to ensure that the quality of the traffic from your service provider is good, both nationally and internationally.

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